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Nottingham's No 1 Martial Arts Academy

Do you want to be fitter, more confident and stronger? Then Nottingham School of Blackbelts is the academy for you. Our Kickboxing classes will help you boost your self-defense skills, make new friends and greatly improve your general well being.

Whether you're completely new to martial arts and kickboxing, a Blackbelt, or simply looking to brush up on your skills, you'll be inspired to reach your goals in a safe, friendly environment. You won't find any intimidating gym machines to navigate; no big egos or attitudes to contend with. Just well-structured kickboxing classes from expert professionals who make sure that the emphasis is placed on learning while having fun.We offer a full range of classes to suit all abilities, no matter what your reason for training.

With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, you will have great fun whilst we work with you at your pace to enable you to achieve your goals.

For children, we aim to increase focus, fitness and physical well being and confidence.

For adults, whether you wish to get fit, become a Blackbelt or pursue a competitive career, Nottingham School of Blackbelts has a class for you.

Why Choose Nottingham School of Blackbelts?

Apart from being the best training school available in the Midlands, we hold an impeccable success rate in client retention and career progression and you will have an immense amount of fun!

Want more? Try these reasons as well:

The Nottingham School of Blackbelts is the most premier and elite academy in the East Midlands. With proprietor "Owen King" boasting a massive 12 British titles, 2 European titles and 4 World titles. In WAKO, WKA and other associations.

Founders Owen King and Peter Cope are highly motivated and intensely dedicated 4th Dan Blackbelts and both have over 25 years of top martial arts experience each!

Based in the heart of the city with very easy access, Nottingham School of Blackbelts accommodates an impressive split level, fully equipped dojo and martial arts arena. Your health and fitness couldn't be in a better location or more qualified hands! 1 C&D Fishergate Point, Nottingham NG1 1GD

1 week free trial on all classes

(You must contact us to book your trial in advance. The free trial is from Monday to Thursday)

Peter Cope is a 4th Degree Black Belt and has been studying the Martial arts since 1981. Styles studied include: Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Submission wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Mixed Martial arts and is a fully qualified personal trainer. He has over 15 years teaching experience and is dedicated to teaching his students to the highest standard.

Peter Cope - Proprietor

Winner of over 20 British titles, 2 European titles and 4 World titles. Owen is a 5th degree Blackbelt and has been training in martial arts since 1986, in that time he has won Many British, European and world titles with various associations including WAKO & WKA. He has studied many styles of martial arts including Kickboxing, Kung fu, Taekwondo, aikido, Thai Boxing, submission wrestling. and has trained in Gracie BJJ under Victor estima.

He holds a professional trainer's boxing licence through the BBBoC (British boxing board of control) and also teaches submission wrestling

Owen King - Proprietor