Kids Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing Timetable

Monday 5.00pm-6.00pm

Wednesday 5.00pm-6.00pm

Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm - Kids Sparring


Children's Class Prices

Children's Kickboxing lessons are £50 per month, entitling your child to 3 classes per week and 1 sparring class during a 4 week period. (for the sparring class, each child will need to have their own equipment which can be purchased from the school)

Official Nottingham School of Blackbelts uniforms are required to be worn. We request that these are ordered within 4 weeks of commencement of membership and are an additional £30 or £45 depending on which uniform they choose to have. Before this we advise that children wear comfortable loose clothing.

You are welcome to stay and watch, or drop off your child and return before the end of the lesson.

The instructor for the children's class is fully CRB Checked and insured.


Children's Classes

By starting young, children are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them forever. From increased respect and self-discipline to improved confidence, fitness and team skills. Martial arts such as Kickboxing can shape a child's character and help them to take life in their stride.

They will learn the will to succeed which carries over into all areas of life. If you are worried about your child not getting enough exercise or having low self esteem which can easily lead to becoming a victim of bullying, this class is for your child. We can take children who are normally shy and reserved and make them into more outgoing and positive individuals as they see themselves progress through the system and learn to do things that they previously thought were unobtainable to them.

Here are just a few ways our children's classes are designed and molded to benefit your child.


Positive Interaction

Your child will have a positive interaction with all other class mates.



To display a good example if highly emphasized. Our specially designed activities strongly encourage discipline at the class, home, in school and to others.



Our classes aim to develop basic motor skills, co-ordination, balance, control, as well as physical and mental fitness.


Contact Details

You can find us in 1 C&D Fishergate Point, Nottingham NG1 1GD

Please feel free to call us for more information. Tel: 07966 567964 or 07866 565745

1 week free trial on all classes

(You must contact us to book your trial in advance. The free trial is from Monday to Thursday)